Guoxing Sun 😃 孙国兴

Master Student

Visual Intelligent Center (VIC)
School of Information Science and Technology
ShanghaiTech University

Email: sungx(at)

Short Bio

I am a third year (2019-) Master student in Computer Science at ShanghaiTech University, supervised by Prof. Jingyi Yu. I also work closely with Prof. Lan Xu. I obtained my bachelor degree from Northeastern University in 2019.

My research interests lie at the intersection of computer graphics and vision, including performance capture, scene understanding, 3D/4D reconstruction and realistic rendering. I enjoy exploring new things and ideas to create magic effects and useful applications in 3D vision, especially to capture and understand human with scenes.

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Neural Free-Viewpoint Performance Rendering under Complex Human-object Interactions
Guoxing Sun, Xin Chen, Yizhang Chen, Anqi Pang, Pei Lin, Yuheng Jiang, Lan Xu, Jingya Wang, Jingyi Yu.
ACM MM, 2021 (Oral)
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